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We develop telemetry and IoT solutions for rapid implementation

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We design the solution

In this stage we do the first survey of our clients' requirements to start working on the design of the solution that needs to be developed. We work on the design considering different aspects, including measurement variables, environment, scalability, usability, costs and business model.

We develop prototypes for rapid implementation

Once the design stage is finished, we begin the manufacturing stage of the functional prototype. Our methodology means that in just 2 months of development, we can have a low-cost prototype that can be technically and commercially validated.

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After building the prototype, we move on to a stage of functional improvements to reach a commercially scalable and plug&play product. The stage of mass production and adjustment of the product to the market begins.


Our services based on telemetry and the Internet of Things allow our clients to enhance their business by helping to define, measure, manage and obtain traceability of their processes to make decisions in a timely and informed manner.

  • We are experts in measuring.

  • We are end-to-end developers of monitoring networks (telemetry).

  • Automatic, real-time notifications when critical levels are about to be reached in a certain process.

  • Our solutions are scalable.

  • We offer operation and maintenance service.

  • We can customize our solutions according to the requirements of our clients.

  • 100% sustainable by taking care of electronic waste

  • We are Chilean developers so response times are fast

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