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Monitor and/or control in real time and from anywhere the operation of equipment and the behavior of physical variables to make decisions in a timely and intelligent manner.

We connect the physical and digital worlds

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MIDDA combines Science and Technology to design and developsolutions Telemetry and IoT. Through them we help companies, communities and cities to benefit through theInternet of Things to achieve a more sustainable and datacratized planet


Industria 5.0

IoT based solutions

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We want to solve problems that affect the environment. We are inspired to implement solutions that help combat climate change and make more efficient use of our resources.

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Industrial equipment monitoring

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Air quality monitoring

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Tank level monitoring

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Water quality monitoring

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Industrial equipment monitoring

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Services of Telemetry e  IoT

Hardware and Software

We develop custom software and hardware so you can digitize your business

IoT prototypes for rapid implementation

It took us on average only two months to develop a functional prototype to test the solution.

IoT Consulting

Tell us what your solution is about and we will carry out the technical analysis to be able to carry out your project.


¿Estas desarrollando un proyecto innovador?

Somos expertos en la formulación de proyectos para obtener subsidios a través de 


Our methodology

trustan in us


Awards and honours

The Smart 50 Awards, in collaboration with Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation and US Ignite, annually recognize global smart city projects, honoring the most innovative and influential work.


We are part of the 5G ventures program, with access to 1 of the 8 5G laboratories in Chile, in addition to access to the  Movistar Empresas network and Telefónica Open Future, which has reach in Europe and Latin America. 

Together with CIMS we take on the “KO-UMA-YAKU” challenge that seeks to develop an autonomous system to measure and monitor physicochemical parameters of wetlands in Chile, with precision and low cost, achieving standardized and centralized information for their management and conservation.

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