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We connect the physical and digital worlds

MIDDA combines Science and Technology to design and developsolutions Telemetry and IoT. Through them we help companies, communities and cities to benefit through theInternet of Things to achieve a more sustainable and datacratized planet

Our goal is to become a leading startup in telemetry in Latin America with the positioning of innovative solutions based on IoT and Telemetry.



Our team is committed to solving problems that affect communities, companies and the environment, developing professional solutions that are sustainable and scalable.


Christian Ayala

Technical director

Hardware Specialist


Natalia Gajardo

Technology Director

Hardware specialist

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Jonathan Oyarzo

Commercial Director

New business development


Camilo Ramirez

Maintenance and Operation Specialist

Diseño sin título (21)_edited.jpg

Sergio Manzano

Industrial design specialist

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Ernesto Gramsch


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Paula Figueroa

Strategy Mentor

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