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Fondo abstracto


In Chile there are more than 40,000 wetlands and 46% are protected by Conaf. Today, continuous and standardized monitoring of environmental variables is urgently needed to promptly alert of alterations that occur around the water resource. It is estimated that between 60-65% of Chile's GDP is directly related to water use, flood protection, local climate regulation, ecotourism, etc.


Intelligent wetland monitoring network. This platform allows key information about the conservation status of wetlands to be obtained remotely and centrally with low-cost monitoring stations. Each wetland will have more than one station and throughout Chile.

This is a development that was born from a call by Corfo, Conaf and the Ministry of Science and Technology and has been developed by Midda and the JRI Research Center.

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Smart Buoy for wetlands

This smart buoy is currently in the technical validation stage in a real environment and has been designed to withstand all types of temperatures, meteorological conditions and territories. 

The smart buoy has a LoRa connection for territories that do not have 3G/4G connectivity and has long-lasting energy autonomy as it is powered by solar panels. 


Main features:


  • Dissolved oxygen,

  • PH,

  • Temperature,

  • Depth up to 200 m,

  • Electric conductivity,

  • GPS for location



Energetically autonomous

  • 30W solar panels, Battery (64,000 amh)




  • Wireless 2G/3G/4G/ LORA

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Obtain quality information in a centralized and standardized way

Compare the depth levels of lakes, reservoirs and others

High precision measurement

Sensors that comply withstandards international

Set up alerts that reach your cell phone/tablet or computer to know where and when to ventilate

Save time and costs on trips and people to measure each wetland

Analyzes the state of contamination and conservation of wetlands

Stories and success stories

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